Second Edition

Design Aim


Themes transcend graphic design. The motifs of the game are reflected in the player's experience and actions.


Art is the opposite of politics. Great art touches the human spirit, reminding us of our common fellowship.

Easy & Hard

A game should be easy to pick up and hard to master. There should be fun in wandering through the game for the experience. There should also be fun in figuring out how to maximize your chances of winning.

Business Values


First and foremost, the game must be good. It has to have something to say, have a decent learning curve, and most of all fun to play.


A commitment to thinking green leads to finding efficiencies. Our boxes are tightly packed with no inserts or empty spaces. We did not make an expansion to Glory, instead packing over 50% new content into second edition.


Good business can win. Refunds during pre-order are no questions asked- even if you cancel because you lost your job. I don't need to know. Everything is priced decently against expenses.