Glory 2E

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1-4 Players | 90 Minutes

Good for newbs and pros with a quick set up and learning curve. Intuitive rules and interface, minimum rulebook reading. A bit of hidden complexity below the surface, but nothing to stop the game breaking out in any group of friends.

Real and true courage: you have agency exploring the kingdom and becoming glorious. This comes at a terrible cost: you may lose your way, or die. It is up to you to stay on task with the quests you have, using the imperfect travel rolls you cast. It is up to you to stay alive: you are never put in a position where you randomly die but you ARE given the choice of when to retreat from trouble. Your courage, but also your wisdom win or lose you the game.

Life in the kingdom is tough. Roads are full of strangeness - sometimes wonderful, something dangerous. Fortune does not always shine. Some failed heroes curse their luck. But the sharpest eye, would-be hero, will see that chance is woven through many small decisions; the resulting weave is neither all your own nor not yours.

The designer thinks he knows what glory feels like and hides that feeling in the game somewhere.

9 heroes to choose from. All components are dry erase. Cards are extra thick.

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