Hogg Publishing has a unique perspective on artistic merit. Our games succeed when they produce a quiet sort of joy, rather than comedy, or the fantasy of being powerful. Our games try to have a mix of darkness and light, not necessarily realistic, but reality dramatically backlit.

We hope you love our games. If you do, we hope you rate them on boardgamegeek.com. If you don't, we permit refunds for any reason. Or pass us on to your local thrift store.

Our current project is Glory (second printing) where we put an expansion into the base box, update the art, and use community feedback to shape some of the new material.

The next project is Cometfall, a small-box card game in which you protect your world from cyclical 1000 year catastrophe. You won't 'win' so much as mitigate or avoid a bad outcome. Plays solo, can expand into a unique 2 player co-op. Look for more news early 2022.