Glory: Second Edition



Kickstarter May 1 - May 30 2021

Dry erase fantasy adventure

1-4 Players

60 Minutes

Travel an old map with your dry erase hero board. Make notes, track your attributes, gain cards- everything in the game is dry erase, expediting set-up and allowing you to concentrate on all the good stuff you want from your game night.

Your playing area will expand as you collect coinage, information, goods, abilities, and fate cards. At first you don't stand a chance against the lair monsters in the four corners of the map. But as you adventure back and forth through the realm, you will earn glory, complete quests, slay monsters and improve. You'll be offered plenty of goods and ability choices. Be the first to earn 20 points of glory to win. But take care: the more glory you have, the harder it is to earn more!

Includes 8 unique heroes to play and 230 cards to keep your experience fresh.

Refundable for any reason, no questions asked.