1-4 players

20 minutes/player

Play 1 of 9 heroes out to do the most for the kingdom in the shortest amount of time. You'll use a dry erase character sheet and gain cards, which are also dry erase. Your marker is utilized to take secret notes and track all sorts of things. (Saving tokens, set up time, and clean up). 

Each hero is unique, allowing you to choose how you want to play. Hate bad luck? Choose the Adventurer or Sprite. Like to minimize conflict? Try the Steward. Want a classic vibe? Go for the Knight or Warlock. Like to be overpowered with drawbacks? Play the Djinn.

This is the second edition of Glory, with over 50% new content. This essentially comes with what is usually released as an expansion. 

Funded on Kickstarter

Currently manufacturing, delivery October 2021