Glory: Second Edition



1-4 players | 25 minutes/player

Glory is an accessible RPG-style dry-erase game about bravery, goals, and fate. 20 points of glory win you the game, earned by defeating monsters and completing quests. But: the more glory you gain, the harder the game becomes. You have to gear up, be smart... and a little bit lucky.

You'll start near the central castle where you can buy goods and heal up. But outland towns need heroes to adventure into dangerous places. Each turn you'll start with a movement roll and choose how to use it- both what direction to go and whether to use resources for improving it. Turns are fast, punctuated by battle when heroes find trouble, when upon the rules change and tactical risks are considered.

Character boards are a major play area beyond the central map, with dry erase tracking, notes, and lots of cards (Ability, Goods, Fate). The hero you choose will determine your playing experience, whether you want to never roll a "1" (choose the Sprite) or like to have some extra punch for those critical moments (choose the Warlock). There are 9 heroes in total to choose from.

This is second edition, with >50% extra content compared to first edition, introducing fresh ideas and using the valuable feedback of first edition fans.

Refundable for any reason

ETA March

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