Glory: Second Edition


1-4 players

20 minutes / player

Roll-and-move decisions turn into quests, battles, and hero building. Watch your dry erase character board expand with Ability, Battle, Fate, and Goods cards. Once you advance, you'll have to make some tough choices about which Lairs to face. Along the way you will encounter some delightful fates and figure out how to manage your time to do the most good for the kingdom in the least amount of turns.

20 Glory wins the game, earned by quests, battles, and fates. But the more you have, the harder it is to get more- so watch your back.

Some unique features:

  • Probably the only modern roll-and-move game on your game shelf
  • Family and newb friendly
  • Plenty of heroes with unique special starting resources
  • Delightful fate cards that use bona fide big words
  • Dry erase components
  • 1 page of rules
  • Can produce surprisingly epic finales
  • Intriguing mix of gravitas and whimsy
  • 6 game solo campaign

Currently manufacturing, pre-orders available