1-4 players

90 minutes

The four lands are a scary place. The Great Castle stands in the centre, a beacon of safety. Four towns are bravely growing on the frontiers. But the roads between them are dangerous. They would benefit from heroes to help solve their unique problems. That's where you come in.

Adventurer, Druid, Dryad, Familiar, Golem, Knight, Seer, Steward, and Warlock- 9 travellers have decided that Glory is helping towns, defeating evils, and learning along the way. Take one of these identities, buy goods, learn abilities, take up quests, fight battles, and encounter strange fates. Eventually, end your story at one of four lairs, lay everything you have learned and earned on the line, show the world what Glory is to you, and test your mettle.

This is the second edition of Glory, with over 50% new content. 

Funded on Kickstarter


Delivery October 2021

This is easily my new favourite game


Packs a ton of strategic and tactical decisions in while maintaining an elegant simplicity


This is more fun than I expected