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I loved Glory 1st edition. Labour of passion. I'm so grateful that there are people that enjoy it. I am mystified there are people playing it years later... that it's like, a real game. 

I learned a lot making it and want to round it out, mature it with all the findings from the 'playtesting' that comes naturally from families and friends playing it all over the world.

Now there is no accounting for taste. But this game does have a voice. It says something about pacing, culmination of small decision, what courage looks like vs foolishness, and the overlap between: admiration, competition, and what's good for the world. When good people egg each other on to do the most good in the least time, you get something like what this game depicts. Pretty cool.



It's been hard! Manufacturers have bummed out, I mean really dropped the ball. I love doing this for the game and the players, but the business ecosystem has been dark!

But here's the good news ending: during delays, I got back to the spirit of Glory and hammered out something that is ever better than I Kickstarted. I mean it- insofar as my vision for the game goes, its awesome.

Maximum gratitude for all pre-ordering customers, they make this possible. The trust of backers and early purchasers gives me motivation to get this done and make it as great and as unique, as subtle and clear as I possibly can. I hate making pre-order customers patient, but we are almost there.

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