1-4 Players

90 Minutes 

6-game single-player campaign




Shipping starts approximately Aug 3 2022

RPG style roll & move. Blessedly short rules. High replay- 4 quests and lairs used per game, 15 of each in the box.


Dry-erase character boards and cards keep it simple and tidy.


9 asymmetric characters to try out.


Help towns, scout lairs, make plans, battle evils, earn coin, gear up, learn abilities and become a hero.


20 glory to win. The end is typically epic because players can start risking their heroes for large final boss battles. Puts pressure on the front-runner and makes everyone else feel like they can catch up or at least go out in a blaze of glory.


If ordering from EU/UK, be aware that you will need to pay VAT upon receipt (unless you backed on Kickstarter).


Glory: Second Edition