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  • Glory


    SECOND EDITION (+4 heroes)

    1-4 players, 90 minutes


    You will earn no GLORY in that castle, would-be hero!


    Life in the kingdom is hard- travel depends on the weather (you roll dice to move). You may want to exert yourself to get where you want (march by losing health). Quests are hard! Searching for and finding what you are looking for takes time. But, boy, those towns need help.


    The hinterlands are unsafe! Strange things happen (fate) and hostile creatures abound (battle). The four corners of the kingdom house unbeatable villains (lairs).


    There are goods to buy and abilities to learn, that is true. That helps. Nevertheless, you may be tempted to take too much on, and die. You know, maybe it is better to stay home.


    But if you dare to venture forth, glory-seeker, good luck to you! The kingdom needs every hero it can get.


    Wanna see how to play? The Dungeon Dive did a great video intro.


    Wanna read how to play? Can't do better than the actual rules.

      The Dungeon Dive

      It is one of the most effortlessly fun games I know of.

      Always Board Never Boring

      The rules are incredibly concise and instantly accessible.

      Realm of Toys

      I've had nothing but amazing feedback.