Glory: Second Edition
  • Glory: Second Edition


    1-4 Players

    90 Minutes 

    6-game single-player campaign


    Pre-orders ship June 2022 (Pre-ordering appreciated! It helps a lot!)

    RPG style roll & move. Concise rules. Fast set-up. Teachable. High replay- 4 quests and lairs used per game, 15 of each in the box.


    Dry-erase character boards and cards keep it simple and tidy.


    9 asymmetric characters to try out.


    Help towns, fight monsters, try your luck with the fate deck, scout lairs, make plans, earn coins and ability cards as you progress.


    20 glory to win- or be the last surviving hero! You have the freedom to cast your life against the odds if you find that the game is winding up and you are playing from behind. Makes for some epic last turns.


    50% more cards and heroes than first edition. MSRP if it were a base game plus expansion would be 100$ CAD (60$ base game + 40$ expansion). Instead, get it all for 75$ CAD. Free shipping, but you pay VAT if EU or UK.