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1-4 players

90 minutes

Win by earning 20 points of glory

(by helping townfolk and defeating evil)

The Map

This is your kingdom. It has troubles. You are a hero. Or want to be, at any rate. 

map nice.png
setup diagram5.jpg

The Setup

See the picture? Okay, you're good to go.

Your character

Your dry-erase character board is your dashboard for the game. Neatly track your progress. The game is designed hard enough that you should actually take notes. Won't feel hard though. You have everything you need to have a easy time navigating the game with its intuitive interface.

heroes matrix 226.jpg


Not a lot to learn, but there's subtlety.


One the one hand, you have to manage an over-abundance of travelling goals (quests) with the reality of your die rolls.


One the other hand, you have to manage when and how to take risks.


In the meantime, enjoy the journey. 


You know what to do. 

No, seriously. If you didn't have the rules you would probably still play it right.

battle diagram3.jpg
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