1-4 players

90 minutes

Win by earning 20 points of glory

(by helping townfolk and defeating evil)

The Map

Find towns with quests around the edge of the board (take dry erase notes on them). Go back and forth from the central castle where you shop and heal. Along the way, disabuse monsters from trolling the roads and find strange and fateful encounters that wise you up over time. Be scared of lairs in the corners.

map nice.png
setup diagram5.jpg

The Setup

Goods for sale at the castle are above the board, ability, battle, and fate cards beside. Secret quest and lairs are laid under spaces around the edge of the map. Grab a hero, their starting goods, and 5 coins. You're done.

Your character

The character sheet becomes a play area unto itself. Take notes, track your glory, your health, and improve your capacities. You will get goods and ability cards, but you'll also do a lot with a simple dry erase marker.


Every 5 glory you draw 2 abilities, keep 1, and gain a coin. 5 fates earn you 1 random ability. Most quests reward you with 2 glory and 3 coin. 

heroes matrix 226.jpg

Where to go and what to do

In the early days of your hero career, it is wise to:

visit a couple of towns and understand their needs; see the great castle and shop there.

As you progress, watch your health:

is it high? - march to control your movement for questing; take a battles; 

is it low? - visit a town, haven, or the castle; take a fates.

In the end, watch the glory of other players:

is it high? - think about risking your life to steal the game on a liar space.

is it medium? - think about daring a liar space to close out the game before they catch up.

is it low? - cash up with another quest, gain fate for abilities, search the battle deck for a wise fight.


You cannot hero without a little conflict. Not only is your personal growth helped by the challenge, it clears the area of risk for the kingdom.

Decide whether to engage, roll against your enemy monster, the winner does damage to the loser, and you decide whether to engage another round or retreat.

battle diagram3.jpg