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1-4 players

20-120 minutes

20 minutes per person

Main Idea

You want to be a hero. Lucky for you, there's lots of heroing to do. Earn 20 points of glory to win by helping towns and defeating monsters. Glory will also help you grow stronger. But! The more glory you get,  the harder it is to earn more.

map nice.png
setup diagram5.jpg

The Setup

Learn and set the game up in 20 minutes. Lay out the map and cards the picture and choose 1 of 9 heroes.

Your Hero

Your dry-erase board tracks your health, glory, and quest notes. You'll end with 4-8 ability & goods cards combined. They are dry erase too.

heroes matrix 226.jpg


The player has a lot of agency. Use your movement rolls wisely to choose where to travel on the Kingdom's overland map. You can use health to give yourself more travelling options by marching. There are 4 lairs to scout. Choose wisely which one you'd like to die... I mean fight against at the end of the game.


You are never obligated to fight. (Almost). Get your enemy to 0 health: win. Your health becomes 0: you lose the whole game. Good thing you can retreat at any time. So why have the option? For when your buddy's 1 glory from winning and its probably your last turn. Get yourself an epic fight, hero.

battle diagram3.jpg
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